Welcome to Creative Bamboos

Creative bamboos is an environmentally friendly commercial firm which wants to play an important role to save planet earth from the impact of global warming by replacing wood and plastic with bamboos by offering stunning invention of creative bamboos. A stunning invention of creative bamboos offers the sheen, durable, affordable, daily use items and luxurious finish products but with lesser ecological damage.
Its beauty and finish lend a stunning impression of magnificence to any residence, office space, educational institutes’ arena or any recreational arena.
Creative bamboos offers you wide range of products art & craft.
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Our Products

Our mission

Creative bamboos wants to open people eyes to the beauty, versatility and strength of bamboo to promote bamboo plantation as an ecologically responsible initiative and to provide the native local population with viable trade and sustainable source of income.

Our Belief

Saving the planet earth does not mean you have to sacrifice on your choice & style. Make choice to leave behind our footprints for coming generations in style. In this modern era our belief is “There might be Religion cannot save the world but creative bamboos can”.